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Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People launch

Photo of Richard Godfrey McKay, Cindy Godfrey McKay, Huw Irranca Davies MP, Carwyn Jones AM, Simon Green and Roger Jones at the launch

The Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People was officially launched today at the Bridgend Recreational Centre. Chaired by Simon Green, who is an active member of the community the Coalition aims to give disabled people in Bridgend a chance to get together and discuss their concerns and views about the Borough with an aim to make Bridgend Borough a disabled friendly place.

The launch was very well attended and included AM Carwen Jones, MP Huw Davies and Rhian Davies, the Chief Executive from Disability Wales.

AM Carwen Jones agreed that it was important to have a group that was feared, and stated that the BCDP had made a “tremendous start”. He believed that even though the law may have changed with regards to discrimination towards disabled people, people’s attitudes need to change also.

Cindy Godfrey-McKay, Secretary, emphasised that disabled people were frustrated at the lack of change in the Borough and stated that “we are tired of talking when no-body listens”.

The Coalition has been well supported by Bridgend County Borough Council, the Local Health Board, and the Safer Bridgend Community Safety Partnership through PCSO Jo Cawley.

The Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People currently has 40 active members who are enthusiastic about making realistic change. They would like to see the services in the Borough consulting the BCDP with regards to provisions for disabled people, such as audio bus timetables for the partially sighted, and access to buildings in the Borough.

Simon Green stated that “disabled people have a poorer quality of life due to the barriers we face and not because of our disabilities”.

For more information please contact Cindy Godfrey-McKay on 01656 657516.

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Secure marking event and Crime prevention advice

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th December 2014

ASDA Bridgend

10am - 2pm

Domestic Abuse Survey

In Bridgend we view domestic abuse extremely seriously.

By taking part in this short survey you will be providing information that will inform service provision and enable us to consider the most effective ways to raise awareness of domestic abuse support available in your local area.

Bridgend County Borough's Community Cohesion Strategy for 2011 - 2014

This is Bridgend County Borough's Community Cohesion Strategy for 2011 - 2014. It sets out our long-term strategic vision for integrated, inclusive and cohesive communities and includes an Action Plan that provides the framework for future activities in this area. The Strategy has been developed by Safer Bridgend in partnership with other public, private and voluntary sector bodies represented on the Local Service Board and with involvement of the wider community. We want everyone who lives or works in the County Borough to play their part in achieving our vision.

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