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Maesteg Primary Schools club together to tackle dangerous parking at their schools

Maesteg primary schools tackling parking

All primary schools in Maesteg have joined forces with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team to launch a School Parking Campaign!

The community project aims to tackle the dangerous parking around schools which is dangerous to the school children and parents walking to school.

PCSO Lucy Barry, of the Maesteg area, said,

“This project was aimed at the community in the Llynfi Valley to encourage and promote safe parking and prevent accidents outside schools. We are hoping to encourage all parents to get involved in this project as we know that their priority is the safety of their children.

“The children have enjoyed getting involved in the different activities and learning about road safety awareness. We would like to thank Mr Bibby from Caerau Primary school who donated the funding for the banners for all the schools in the area and we hope that this project will highlight the dangers of people parking in unauthorised areas outside school premises.

“We would like to remind drivers of their responsibility to park legally and safely. Do not park on white zig zag lines or double yellow lines and certainly do not drop children off on the railings side of the footpath."

All of the seven schools in the Maesteg area are taking part in the campaign which includes Caerau, Nantyffyllon, St Marys and St Patricks Catholic School, Plasnewydd, Garth, Cwmfelin, Llangwynyd and Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Cynwyd Sant.

Plasnewydd School Head Teacher said,

“For us, the campaign means that our children have a right to a safe journey to and from school and preventing dangerous parking supports this right.”

Caerau Primary School has donated the funds for banners which have been placed on the gates of all the schools.

Neighbourhood Policing Officers have also recruited school children to assist in the campaign as “Deputy Sheriffs” and these children will become Sheriff for a day to help raise awareness with parents.

Caerau primary school photo (names l-r):

George KNIGHT - Caerau
Saffron POWELL - Cwmfelin Primary
Ioan DAVIES - Cwmfelin
Sam DAVIDSON – Cwmfelin
Lola HOMEWARD – Cwmfelin
Joel GLOWACKI – Caerau
Milly PAGE - Caerau
Paige MCCLUSKI – Caerau
Ellie AUSTIN – St Marys and St Patrick
Ioan DAVIS – St Marys and St Patricks

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