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These issues have been highlighted through consultation by the public and the Home Office as being key priorites for Bridgend Community Safety Partership to tackle.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can be any action likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

It could include unruly or drunken behaviour, threatening or abusive language, graffiti, criminal damage or other relevant crime.

In other words it could be almost any behaviour which prevents others from enjoying an acceptable quality of life.

Arson and Fire Setting

Fire setting is the deliberate and malicious ignition of property by a person. Arson is the deliberate setting of fire to ones own or another persons property.


A burglary occurs when an intruder has entered or attempted to enter a domestic, commercial or school premise and stolen or attempted to steal property. Aggravated burglary is when an intruder has,armed with a firearm, weapon or explosive, enters a dwelling as a trespasser to steal or commit grievous bodily harm.


CCTV is short for Close Circuit Television and refers to those cameras you often see in public places, like security cameras in shops or surveillance cameras around cities, which are set up to watch traffic or to prevent crime and assist in creating safer communities and town centres. CCTV systems typically involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors.

Community Cohesion

What does Community Cohesion mean?

Community cohesion is:

• how everyone in different areas live beside each other

with respect and understanding of differences;

• community life where everyone has a chance to take part;

• where everyone gets equal use of services;

• everyone valuing differences;

• accepting and supporting each other;

• overcoming problems.

Criminal Damage

Criminal damage, often referred to as vandalism, is deliberately or recklessly destroying or damaging someone elses home, building, vehicle or other item. Racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage is deliberately or recklessly destroying or damaging a persons dwelling, building, vehicle or other item where there is a racial or religious motive. Criminal damage can also be seen as a catalyst to other forms of anti-social behaviour and crime.

Dog Fouling

Under the current legislation, the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 soon to be replaced by the Control of Dogs legislation under the Clean Neighborhood and Environment Act 2005, (presently with the Welsh Assembly Government).

Domestic Abuse

It is any violent or abusive behaviour by an intimate partner or ex-partner or any family member. Domestic Abuse is not a relationship problem - it is about one person gaining and maintaining control over another.

Hate Crime

A hate incident is defined as any incident which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.
A hate crime is defined as any hate incident which constitutes a criminal offence, perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

Late Night Economy

The evening and late night economy includes a wide range of leisure and cultural attractions and entertainment from cinema to sports, restaurants, pubs and discos.


Something, any person drops down or otherwise deposits in any circumstances whatsoever in any public open space, (from a cigarette end and chewing gum, to domestic waste bags)

Noise Nuisance

Noise can be classed as a Statutory Nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (E.P.A 1990). This states that any 'noise emitted from a premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance'. This basically means that if the noise is injurious to a person's health or effects the enjoyment of a person's land, then the noise can be classed as a nuisance. Common noise complaints that can lead to a Statutory Nuisance can include noise by barking dogs, loud music or noise from industrial premises.

Off Road Motorbiking

Off-road motor biking involves riding motor bikes over land not intended for motor vehicles, it not only ruins grassland, but is also a source of great annoyance to members of the public causing both noise and environmental pollution. IIlegal Motorcycling has many negative consequences and inconsiderate biking gives all riders a bad name. Farmland is often ruined and the land owners can lose valuable income. The daily lives of many home owners are disrupted and this can cause additional stress.

Road Safety

The aim of Road Safety Education in Bridgend County Borough is to reduce danger for all road and footway users and to promote safe and sustainable travel choices

Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is the harmful use of alcohol or drugs which can also include over-the counter medication, prescription drugs, volatile substances and novel substances.

Vehicle Crime

Vehicle crime can affect many of us and cause great misery and inconvenience. Vehicle or auto crime describes when a persons motor vehicle is targeted by a criminal who carries out a theft from the motor vehicle or a theft of the motor vehicle.

Violent Crime

Violent crime relates to a catalogue of offences under the umbrella of headings including harassment, wounding, robbery, assault and homicide. (In some instances, sex offences are classified as violent crime).

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Your car may be at risk if you don't hide your keys

There has been a recent spate of dwelling burglaries in the borough where burglars are breaking into houses, taking the car keys and stealing the car and other posessions.

Home Fire Safety Checks

South Wales Fire and Rescue Services carries out approximately 6000 Home Fire Safety Checks and fit approximately 12000 smoke alarms in homes throughout the area each year.